What you can do here

- contribute descriptions of the Juridic Load borne by citizens in the intermountain-high-plains cultural region
- contribute descriptions of ways we work positively for goodness to the Values Language
- suggest areas of life needing study for the load of juridic controls, or values that should be included in the language
- engage in dispute over values, proposals, descriptions, and so on. There are conflict modules embedded in each entry page.
- choose tools for liberating life: The Composite, Juridically Controlled Person, Values Recovery Proposals, and of course the Values Language (see above), design your own sociality

This site is offered in support of an non-juridic, anarchic theory of ethics, one in which values are affirmed without being imposed, and invention and play are as important as rational debate and deliberating over the best courses of action. It is inspired by the pluralistic approach of anarchism.
It is also an inventory of the code of ethics that has Billings, Montana, as its center. We take this to be one case of how a Wikiethica might look.

Communities that might be interested in developing their own.

Why the entries often deviate from standard English, and why this is promoted for a WikiEthica.

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