Generally known and talked of, especially : widely and unfavorably known. Commonly phrased is that people who are notorious become famous by doing things that others may percieve as bad.

When a person becomes notorious they gain a reputation that may elevate them to a celebrity status. This does nothing but breed more bad behavior by this notorious person to maintain this status as well as tell the rest of society that by engaging in such a lifestyle is not only accepted but that it is a way to make a name for yourself.

A notorious lifestyle is one in which the public will only see the person for the acts they do or the successes that may come with it. If a person where to become rich by doing something illegal or another person is becomes well known for doing something morally wrong and they are accepted by the media and society then what type of message does that send? Instead of elevating these perpitrators as role models in behavior it is everyones responsibility to take a stance and not be enthralled with a negative lifestyle that gets so much positive attention and gets plastered on the news and tabloids every day. Instead it would be more beneficial to us as a community to put the same amount of energy on the people whose efforts go into doing good and helping people.

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