Obtaining A Drivers License In The State Of Montana

Spring 2008

I. Setting and Activity

Many people believe that driving in Montana is a right. They are incorrect; driving in Montana is a privilege. As such, it is necessary to obtain a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle with in the state laws. Obtaining a driver’s license is very beneficial in some ways because transportation is essential and driving gives us freedom in some aspects of life

Citizens trying to obtain a drivers license in Montana may take the tests at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) located south of 27th street. Give yourself enough time, at least 1 ½ hours to complete the driving and writing tests. You should try to arrive early so you won’t have to worry if you will be able test that day.

II. Juridical controls

The numbers of rules that have been made to obtain a Montana drivers license are innumerable. Although some laws are national, the laws really vary from state to state.

Before you apply for a driver’s license in Montana, depending on your age, should have some practice in some way. If you are a teenager, you may sign up for drivers Ed and obtain a learners permit by taking the primary written tests. This will prepare you for the driving test at the DMV. This may also help with discounts on teenagers insurance. If you haven’t taken drivers Ed you should obtain a Montana Driver License Manual. This will provide you with every rule and regulation that you will need to know for passing your driving tests (written and on-road).

To obtain a Montana license:
• You must be at least 15 years old and have proof that you successfully completed a State-approved driver's education course. If you have not taken driver's Ed, you can still apply but only if you're 16 or older.
• You must provide a letter of parental consent if you're less than 18 years old.
• You must furnish proof of identity.
• You must provide solid evidence that you're a Montana resident.
• You must pay the $40 fee.
• You must pass three tests: written, driving, and vision
Vision test; consists of;
• 20/40: no restrictions
• 20/40 with glasses: restricted corrective lenses
• 20/70: restricted to daylight driving; 55 interstate speed limit; no bad weather driving
• 20/80 to 20/100: special testing required
• 20/100: no license
Written Test; You will be given multiple-choice questions and you must answer 80% of them correct to move on to the driving test. The questions are based on your understanding of Montana's traffic laws, as well as your defensive driving techniques. The best, most recommended tool to study for your drivers test is, The Montana Driver License Manual. All the multiple choice questions are based on the information enclosed in this manual.
Driving Test; This test follows your written test and usually lasts 20-30 minutes. It reviews your vehicle operational skills and determines if you understand the responsibility of driving. You will be asked to display proof of insurance and registration for your vehicle before beginning your test. You will have to follow your driving instructors directions and perform the procedures as asked. You will have demonstate that all of the following components of your vehicle operate properly including: headlights, blinkers, windshield wipers etc.etc. The hardest procedure for most people to perform during the test is parallel parking.

III. New Laws

While all of the above requirements for obtaining a drivers license are true there has been a new law added to Montana's traffic laws. This new law is the Graduated Drivers License (GDL) law. This law requires that all teenagers after completing the required tests and obtaining a license foolow some steps before being able to drive and make completely independent decisions. #1. The student must drive with only one legal guardian in the car and log the hours and trips before reaching the next step. #2. The student can drive with one guardian and one other passenger, and once again log the trips. Both of these steps are restricted to driving only during the day. #3 & #4 are the same restrictions as #1 & #2 but can be performed at night. After completing all of these steps by logging the required hours the student will then be released by the state to make completely independent decisions about their driving practices.

IV. Burdens

Obtaining a drivers license also comes with disadvantages such as having to renew documents, pay fees, and provide current insurance on your vehicle which can be costly. You also must meet the physical requirements, and be able to pass vision tests. You will have to study the manual carefully because the questions are harder than you would expect if you haven’t studied or taken drivers Ed.

V. Escape Laws

There are ways to avoid these juridic controls. The obvious would be to simply not obtain a Montana drivers license. You could take a bus, carpool, or even walk to your destinations.

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