Have you ever noticed lack of passion or change in your life?
Are you ready to see something change?
Are you ready to see results to your hard work?

Lack of passion in our lives!!

The lack of passion in our lives has led to a lack of interest in our neighborhoods and communities. Due to our lack of pasion for our communities they have become dull and uninviting. We are so used to our everyday routine that we lack the courage to create a meaningful change in our lives.

How to revive passion!!

MSU Billings students are trying to revive the value of passion in the community life of Billings, MT. They will be building “Passion Boards” at three distinct locations around the city. These boards will be the center of the means to revive passion. Anyone is allowed to write on them and is encouraged to; what they want to see changed in their community, a project you’ve always wanted to see done, or an issue you want addressed. They will serve as the means to communicate and discuss ideas.

We will also be seen on the local news the first Thursday of every month. Keep your eye out for “Passion around Billings in 30 seconds”. It will provide updates of the things being discussed on these passion boards and also updates on changes being made.

With the pasion boards we hope to create more involvement within the community which will lead to stronger communities and neighborly relationships.

By giving people an incentive to change they are more likely to get involved and will have the gratification of seeing the positive influence for improvement within their community

Why Communities??

Communities are the foundation of a persons lifestyle and values. By getting people more involved in their communities hopefully the revival of pasion will spread to the other venues of their everyday lives (work, family, school, hobbies, groups, church.)

Passion Day!!!

International passion day is the second weekend in November. The purpose of the passion day will be to bring communities together and to raise awareness of the boards within the communities and how promoting passion can be implemented. On the passion day a fundraiser could also be held to raise funds to maintain the boards and to pay for more advertising (radio, TV, newspapers, flyers).


Items needed Cost
4'x8'x1/4" plywood $13.97/sheet
2"x6"x12' post $6.33/post
Waterproofing $13.38/gallon
Screws $18.37/5lbs
Chalk $5.95/40pieces
Paint $14.93/Quart
Prints $10.00/100 sheets


Flyer to hand out to community members to promote the passion boards!!!

1. Passion around Billings in 30 sec.
2. Passion day
3. Passion board discussion
When: Local news the first Thursday of every month and Passion day TBA.
Where: Your local Passion Board Location, YOUR COMMUNITY.
Why: To revive passion in people’s lives and change for the better, knowing that your efforts can make a difference!
How can you help:
Participate in Passion Board discussions
Watch the local news for updates
Attend the Yearly passion day at location to be announced.
Sout Park
Pioneer Park
MSU Billings

Stop on by your nearest Passion board and get involved.



"Don't ask what the world needs-ask-what makes you come alive and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
-Howard Thurman[[image]]

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