Patriotism is a commitment(#) to, or a love of one's county.1 Many people all across the world feel like it is a duty(#) for them to be loyal(#) to their country. The strongest(#) showing of this feeling is in the bravery(#) and strength(#) of the men and women that fight in the United States Armed Forces and their families. It is an American tradition(#) that has stood the test of time through war(#), and peace(#), and will never be lost or forgotten.


When people forget their patriotism or demote it below less important values, they start to forget everything that was done to get them to where they are now. They forget the sacrifices many soldiers have made and the pain their families have felt due to those sacrifices. And they take for granted all the freedom they have

The definition of patriotism is the devoted love, support, and defense of one's country. It is believed by some that this is a duty of everyone in a country to show their patriotism and stand behind their country. This does not mean that you must agree with everything your government does or the actions they order the military to take. What it does mean is you should support your troops for the sacrifices they have made for you and this country and you should take a look around and see just how well you live, and know that patriotism played a major hand in getting it there. It can also be standing up against your government when it is corrupt and getting rid of those who are in power and creating more problems for the people than solutions, and making it harder and harder to get by.

Look at the Revolutionary War and you will see the biggest display of patriotism. The reasons for this large amount of patriotism and the change it brought about are very evident when looking at not only the Revolutionary War but also any war that, if lost, would have taken away our freedoms. Freedom and patriotism go hand in hand because you cannot have one without the other. The best place to see this is looking at other countries that do not have it anywhere near as well as Americans do. Though a few people in those countries may have patriotism, not enough of them do for it to make a difference. If only a few people are willing to stand and confront a corrupt government, they will be thrown in jail, losing even more freedoms, or killed. But if many people in those countries had that patriotism and willingness to fight for their rights, things would begin to change for the better.

Show people what it would be like to have absolutely no patriotism, and what that would cause. Show them what patriotism has accomplished throughout history and the freedoms that have come with it. If they want a very real feeling of what its like to not have patriotism and no freedom, take them to live in a third world country for a month or a year and see the difference between the lifestyles. For that difference was made possible by the patriotism of many men and women; past, present, and future.



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