A picture of a sunset in Seeley Lake, Montana that I took in 2007

Peacefulness is a state of being at one with oneself and their surroundings. Peacefulness enhances and gives meaning and truth (#) to the values such as simplicity (#) and silence (#). Peacefulness can also be very pleasurable (#) and brings out the real goodness (#) in life.


Peacefulness is a forgotten value in most peoples fast pass life styles that they accustom to. If everyone would all take a moment to slow down their lives we will all realize how wonderful peacefulness really is.

Now a day’s most everyone has grown accustom to our fast way of life and if you do not live in a fast pass life style some people look at you as unmotivated or lazy. When in all reality our fast way of life effects many peoples stress levels and ability to actually take a moment and be with ones self. If we are always going, going, going we never have time to see how beautiful our world is, the people around us, and ourselves.

Peacefulness is not hostile or argumentative. It is free from war, strife, commotion, and violence. It pertains more to a state in time. ( With this in mind I, as many others, agree that this may be the state in time were we should better apply the value peacefulness. With more knowledge about this value may make us wiser in the time of war and commotion.

Montana Peacekeepers is an organization that reminds people about the value of peacefulness. They set up assemblies and events to help promote this value and educate people on the value. Their assemblies and events consist of people that have a different thoughts or idea on war and different strategies to take. They hope to move people over to the idea of peacefulness and not necessarily such drastic measures have to be taken such as bombing and killings innocent people and soldiers.

With these thoughts and ideas we can come together and more peacefulness a more prevalent value. We can think of new ideas and thoughts that are less harsh then killing as well as slowing our lifestyles down and capturing all of lives simply beauties.



To make the forgotten value peacefulness effective is to come together as a whole and build friendships (friendship) (#) and always keep in mind the golden rule (#). If we remember this maybe some day we will be free from war (#) and better that life is full of simple beauty (#). Equality (#) of everyone will be more effective as well.12

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