Revised Spring 2008 Harlan

Discovering ones pleasure brings about feelings of happiness, joyfulness and goodness. Finding the balance between too much and too little is the challenge that is met everyday. Finding pleasure is an easy task but should have some meaning of justice and honor behind it.

People enjoy getting pleasure from everything they can. Pleasure can be found in so many things, but may also be taken advantage of. On the flip side, there are people who are unable to find pleasure - even in the smallest things.

Pleasure is something that is found everywhere you go. Whether good or bad, it is an important part of our day to day life. Everyone finds pleasure in something or another and everyone has their own way of coming about it. Some people find pleasure in relationships. It could be family, friends or a special someone. Others find pleasure in more material things such as cars, food and technology. Pleasure comes from all parts of life and what we experience throughout it. It all comes down to how a certain person uses pleasure, and how they value it.

Feelings also play a large role in how we understand pleasures such as love, happiness, spirituality, and even sexual pleasures.

Some people have a hard time finding pleasure and for some maybe it doesn’t even exist. These people might be overlooking pleasure simply because of their lifestyle and/or experiences that they have encountered in the past. This may affect the way people see or react to things. For example, if a child has grown up in an abusive home, they may find it harder to find pleasure in life. The divorce rate is at an all-time high, approximately 50% of all marriages end in divorce ( Single parent households can result in a great loss (for both children and parents), leading to less pleasure in day to day life.

There are many reasons why people suffering from physical abuse and mental problems have a hard time finding pleasure in life. A lot of it has to do with how well people can overcome their obstacles and enjoy what they can.

So many people indulge in the things they love and enjoy doing. This is one of the greatest ways to find pleasure in the things you do. However, these same things that bring us pleasure can also be very dangerous - leading us to our downfall. There comes a point when feeling pleasure can be turned into an obsession or addiction. This can create many problems within us which leads to bigger problems that can affect our close relationships and the surrounding community. For example, a young adult tries alcohol and enjoys it. At first, he or she drinks a little here and there doing it more as a social thing. Soon after, they start getting drunk and finding more and more pleasure in the way it makes them feel. This is only the start and it will soon affect their health. In most cases it is weight or even liver problems. By now, they have a higher and stronger tolerance for this addiction. Soon it affects the way you think, leading to poor decision making skills (such as choosing to drive drunk). This affects more than just that person.

Everyone can enjoy one or two drinks and have a good time without going overboard. It's just about finding the balance. Love the pleasure but don't abuse it.

The feeling of pleasure is what most people want everyday. What is life without pleasure? A life filled with a lot of depressed and boring people isn't life at all. Most people would not want to live a life like this. What would be the point to anything if you don't enjoy doing it? Or at least the outcome it offers? It wouldn't be for the best of anyone's wellbeing or fulfillment.

But people shouldn't have an excessive amount of pleasure to the point where they are unable to come to the reality of what is going on around them. What is life with too much pleasure? It would be a life filled with corruption. Some people find pleasure in things that are bad, such as violence. If our seeking pleasure affects the wellbeing of others negatively, it is not for the benefit of ourselves or others. Balance is the key to having the right amount of pleasure. If you can balance your pleasure with your priorities and values, then you have it made.

Community Centers are underutilized and could be of great benefit. Community Centers offer pleasurable activities to the public in a creative, yet intelligent way. They have something for everyone. Some features include a recreation area for the sports and fitness lovers, a coffee room with books to read and a playground with toys for the younger crowds to enjoy. Buses are often used to held transport people to and from the center. Community Centers bring people together in an environment that is enjoyed by all.

Creating a better community, working together to bring enjoyment to one another takes hard work. It is a life long journey of finding the beauty in all aspects of life. Having Compassion for each other will make pleasure easier to come by each day.

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