# Possession Of Rural Skills




A possession of rural skills, in the form of hunting, fishing, gardening, and many more is achieved through an individual’s local pride (#). A sense of happiness (#), pleasure (#), and a person’s overall individuality (#) can also lead to possession of rural skills.

The American way of life, is to work hard and make lots of money. With this way of thinking many people forget to work on and possess many rural skills.

Montana is a place that is well known for outdoor activities. Many of the older generations of people that live in Montana possess at least one rural skill, and often more than one. Younger generations possess little or no rural skills. Many factors can contribute to why younger generations of people are lacking possession of rural skills.

With the American way of thinking, “Work hard and make lots of money”, many parents and grandparents just simply don’t have enough time to teach their kids and grandkids rural skills. When these older individuals choose to work instead of teaching rural skills, they hinder the younger generations and, in a sense, the whole world. Another aspect that leads to the lack of rural skills, is the overall laziness of people living in the United States today. In order to possess rural skills, an individual cannot be lazy. If someone is lazy they most likely are not going outside and learning any type of rural skill. Another reason that newer generations may lack rural skills is because of the scare of diseases. Many parents think that if their child goes outside and plays in the dirt that they will get some type of disease. With this way of thinking many parents do not let their children outside to gain the knowledge of a rural skill.

There are many reasons to why an individual should possess rural skills. Living in Montana comes with a sense of pride, and if an individual does not know how to fish, hunt, or use other types of rural skill, they lose that sense of pride. Hunting and fishing is a way of life in Montana, and if an individual does not know how to do either one of those, than they are looked down upon by society. If looked down upon, an individual may lose pride and self worth. To achieve this pride and self worth individuals need to take things into their owns hands. Many Americans have lost the value of of rural skill, and have failed to pass it on to their children. If a child is not passed down these skills then they need to teach themselves. When the rest of the United States thinks about Montana, they think of mountains, rivers, and outdoor activities. With the many mountains and rivers, comes the need to know rural skills. If individuals in Montana don't know how to hunt, then the state would be overrun by the many wild animals that inhabit the state. Knowing how to hunt, keeps the number of those wild animals under control. If the fish in all the rivers were never caught, then pretty soon the rivers would be overran by fish causing the waters to become contaminated, tainting our water supply.
With the younger generations of people possessing the many rural skills that there are, it will keep this great state intact. It will maintain the pride that this state has, and help the state succeed. When someone from another state asks if you could teach them how to hunt or fish, you can answer proudly with a yes.

Ensure that there is an individual who can teach the craft of a rural skill. If no individual, make sure to talk to someone and ask about the craft and teach it to yourself. Visit with the older people of Montana, and find out why they possess rural skills and what it does for them and how it makes them feel. Also take the time to practice these skills and master them.



In order to possess rural skills and ensure that the future individuals can carry them out, teach individuals local place (#). Let them know that possessing these skills leads to tradition (#), and tradition will lead to a good style (#). Also let the individuals know that the nature close by (#) is their responsibility and with that they must do whatever it takes to ensure its existence.

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