The issue of privacy, especially in America, is a major concern. Americans are all about censorship on television, in literature, and on the internet.
In fact, the internet is where we see the most lack in privacy, with all the MySpace, and Facebook websites where anyone can put up anything and anyone can read it. On these types of websites it is hard to find true privacy. So the value of privacy really needs to be looked at and re-evaluated for what is in today’s modern society. To most people today the value of privacy is still an important value but is harder to come by.
This importance is seen the most today in the way in which we live our everyday lives without even noticing it. For example, try to imagine living in a world that does not have doors, locks, or window coverings. Privacy is one major way in which, when we have it, we feel safer and more comfortable in our own life (57). Also, just think about all the ways in which we try to keep our own lives private from others. In big institutions, such as a college campus, or a doctor’s office, we number ourselves in order to keep our personal identities to ourselves.
Most people, when they think of privacy, think of their security. When things are private, a person can feel more secure about their surroundings. For example, if you entered a room full of people that knew everything about you, that would be an extremely uncomfortable situation. To most Americans these days, security is very important. Privacy is not only important for life (57), but also because privacy pertains to liberty (56).
Privacy is also very important for protection reasons. There are some things that just need to be kept private in order to protect others. For example, law or medical records need to be kept confidential. These types of protective privacy are not only for the protection of the client, but also for the public. There is also the privacy between friends (33) and family (32). This is mostly a trust issue but the privacy value does come into count when being close to anyone. One has to feel comfortable enough with someone else in order to compromise their privacy, and it also has to work the other way around.
So the value of privacy is still a very important issue in today’s society. In our society, however, privacy takes on a new meaning. In today’s society with all of the new technology and gadgets, it is harder to get true privacy. Technology can make the world much more secure. So in conclusion, privacy is still very highly valued, and respected by everyone.

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