Relief Of Suffering

Working towards relieving someone's suffering effects the community (#) by improving everyone's spirits; when one person feels better we all feel better. It also takes great compassion (#) to want to help someone else in their efforts to improve their quality of life. Sometimes all it take is a small amount of empathy (#) applied to a person to make them feel better.


People who have surgery often have their emotional needs upstaged by their physical needs. Insurance companies pressure hospitals to release patients the mintue they are technically able to keep their costs down. A deficit in hospital space and/or staff are another reason why relief of suffering has been pushed lower on the values list. The supply and demand is just not insync. Patient's must be shipped off as soon as possible to make room for the next patients.

Relief of suffering doesn't just mean to heal someone's wounds it means to heal the whole person. People who are happier heal faster. They have a reason to want to get better. Making someone happy is essentially relieving their suffering. We relieve people's suffering everyday without even being conscious of it. Making someone smile or giving a crying child a hug improves their outlook on life and makes them feel better.

There are many community groups that donate their time to visiting patients in hospitals and nursing homes. They relieve suffering everyday just by showing that they care. The attention they give to the patients let's them know that they are important to the community and are worth the effort.

Nursing homes and hospitals while providing a stable healing environment physically often do not address the emotional side of recovery. To get better a person must want to recover. Whose to say that a person only need humans contact at certain times of the day? Hospitals set up visiting hours without ever taking into consideration that a person might get scared in the middle of the night and need someone to hold their hand.

We need take a more community based approach to relieving suffering by creating community healing centers; which have no set visiting hours. Pressure must also be put on insurance companies lengthen hospital stays to ensure that patient's are emotionally ready before they go home. Hospitals must be built that can keep up with paitient demands on space and staff.


In order to improve relief of suffering efforts we must use cooperation (#) throughout the community to ensure that no patient is left unattended emotionally. A sense of charity (#) should permeate the community making it everyone's goal to raise the level of happiness (#) in our nursing homes and hospitals so that when people heal they heal completely and can rejoin society with an elevated feeling of belonging.

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