# Responsibility**


Responsibility enhances the honor (#) a person has achieved, fulfills the patriotism (#) a person portrays, and expresses how pragmatic (#) a person is. It is a person’s duty (#) to be responsible and portray their responsibility to others.

Everyone has some responsibility. Whether it is to your self, to someone else, or to their country, it is always around. When responsibility is lost it causes chaos to the country, selfishness towards one’s self, and coldness towards the ones around you.

There are many ways to be responsible. There is responsibility to your self, responsibility to others around you, and the responsibility to your country. The life-long debate on how much responsibility a single person, or group, is actually responsible for is always the question being asked.

When asked what responsibility to your self means to Kacie Vanderloos2, she responded, “Responsibility to me means that I should be doing everything I can to stay healthy, get good grades, be conservative of spending money, and to be the best friend, sister, and daughter I can be.” Responsibility to your self can mean many different things to different people. It ranges from personal hygiene, to paying off your debts, to doing what you are expected from everyone around you and acting like everyone thinks you should. This type of responsibility is in the control of one person. That person is the one that has the responsibility to their self. Although, that person may be affected by persuasion or by the humility from the others around them to portray their responsibility, it is the ultimate decision of the person who has the responsibility for their self to portray the obtained self responsibilities they have acquired. If people do not have any responsibility towards his or her self, then what kind of self concept will they have? Everyone wants something out of life and wants to achieve something; it is up to them to take the responsibilities for their self to achieve these goals or aspirations.

Responsibility to the people around you comes in the forms of a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, a friend to talk to, or a donation - whether it is donations of food, money, clothes, toys…ect. There are many donation centers or charities around each state, city, or even community you are in. In Montana there are well over 300 different charities a person can donate to. Among these charities are many rescue missions, food collections, clothing collections, and many charities towards specific groups, such as breast cancer for women and military appreciation programs. These charities are among many in the U.S. and are always asking for any kind of donation. If no one donated to any charity, no one gave any consideration to help their neighbor when they are need of that small favor, if no one cared to care about anyone other then themselves, what would our small communities, or cities come to? There would be a tremendous amount of selfishness and lack of caring that it would tear apart the community and there would be nothing. Everyone relies on someone for something at some point in their life. The responsibilities a person has towards the other people around them is a huge part of their responsibilities to their self it would not be possible without it.

Everyone has heard about all the wars the U.S. has been involved with. Whether it is in the past or the current war in Iraq, the country needs the support of its inhabitants to support it. Responsibility to your country is a very wide ranged responsibility. You can decide to join the nation’s defense personnel and join a form of military to support your country, but it is not needed if decided not to. A person can support the country by recycling, or picking up trash, or carpooling to help the environment. You can do many things to accomplish this responsibility that almost anything you do can fit under this category if indeed it is to help not harm the country.

The responsibilities are a value that is cherished and respected. If we did not have any responsibility for anything, we would not be as well developed and as respecting as we are today.

To ensure that our nation is together and supportive of each other, a person needs to value the responsibility to his/her self, the responsibility to the people around his/her, and the responsibility to his/her country. Responsibility is a value that is taught to and acquired by everyone in order for their country, state, city, community, or group can cooperate.



After a person acquires responsibility, they then learn what it is to value the obedience (#) they are taught and obey, the hard work (#) they use to achieve their goals, the responsibility to pay their dues (#), and the importance of governance (#) that they are apart of, and the need to help the innocent/powerless (#) when needed, along with helping the self-destructive (#).

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