Self Awareness

1. Self-awareness


To have self-awareness, there must be a sense of understanding (#) of self, to accept responsibility (#) for ones actions, to have commitment (#) and discipline (#) for choices that people make to enhance life (#).
There are a lot of people in this world that are not sure what self-awareness means or how one becomes self-aware. People need to understand that there are choices to be made every day and we get to make them as individuals with our own creative ideas.
Self-awareness is the clear understanding that one exists. Self-awareness is an identification of our personality and our strengths as well as weaknesses. When a person becomes self-aware it helps them to recognize their own private thoughts and feelings towards anything and everything. A person has to figure out who they are and get in touch with what they are thinking and feeling first, so they can face the truth about who they are.
The better a person understands themselves, the better they are able to accept or change who they are. If a person does or acts the way other people want them to, then where is the individual creativity? Being in the dark about oneself means that a person will continue to get caught up in their own internal struggles and allow outside forces to shape them.
With all the problems in this world, ranging from education to war, everyone has the right to their own opinion. A person has the right to support or not to support certain issues happing in our country. A person has the right to express their own feelings and thoughts on the subject. A person has the right to decide what they like, or even dislike.
Yes, we are all different and we all live different lives, but when do we live the way we want to live by our own rules and decisions? We all live in a community of some sort, and what would happen if someone decides they don’t like some things? What if what this person has an idea that can be a good change for the community? A person has to have strength and courage to stand up for what they want and express their opinion if they want a change.
Instead of letting certain people make decisions for everybody, let’s make our own. People need find something they believe in a support it, join a group and express their opinions. We are all individuals with our own personal thoughts and ideas. We all have our own creativity. Being self-aware can lead our world into another direction, a person just needs to find it.


Self-awareness requires honesty (#) and courage (#) to get in touch with what a person is thinking and feeling and allows creativity (#) and appreciation (#) for self and surroundings.

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