Self Esteem

Self esteem is the maker or breaker of a persons self worth. People, as a whole, think that they should look, act, or be just like someone else, never really realizing that they are who they are, and just who they should be. We tend to look at the outside of a person, and want what we can’t have, never basing our decisions on what we can give the world from the inside. With the fall of self esteem, comes the rise of eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, self inflicted abuse, depression, and suicide.


In the United States, there are approximately 1.38 million people suffering from anorexia nervosa, 2.3 million from bulimia, and 5.36 million that suffer from binge eating disorder. Up to 80 percent of the women in the United States will exhibit signs of an eating disorder at some stage within their lives.

A horrendous $9.4 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures within the U.S. during 2003. There was an amazing 354 percent increase in women’s fat injections in 2003 over the previous year.

Low self esteem is starting younger and younger within our youth, with the competition of looking like a model and trying to “fit” in, and in some cases abuse. Statistics show that the effects of having low self-esteem includes lack of self-confidence, unhappy personal lives, distorted view of self and others, and poor performance.

More than 32,000 people kill themselves each year. More than 395,000 people with self-inflicted injuries are treated in emergency rooms each year.

Week Long Extraveganza

We have devised a week where we celebrate a week of being happy with who we are, from the inside out.

Monday: Volunteer Day
People will volunteer at local soup kitchens or local charities to help to promote their self esteem, as well as those that they help.

Tuesday: Generic T-Shirt Day
People will be given a t-shirt that is plain, and lacking in name brands.

Wednesday: Free Services Day
Local salons will provide free beauty services such as haircuts, colors, etc. to help eliminate the financial burden.

Thursday: All Natural Day
No beauty products, name brand clothes, or hair care.

Friday: Clothing Swap Day
People will meet in the parking lot of Westpark Plaza, where they can bring clothes, or receive them.

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