revised fall 2008

Those who have selflessness may improve the community , promote goodness, and enhance the overall outlook on life (#).



People interact with other people, in order to keep life peacful, each person must take on being selfless for the benefit of more than just themselves.

People are encouraged to be independent, which to a lot of people can cause a selfish outlook on life. Many times, people are thinking so much about themselves that they forget to think about everyone around them. There are times when we need a helping hand, often it takes a selfless person to help others, when the only benefit is a good feeling about oneself. It would be hard, for example, to have to go to work and watch the children at the same time. Babysitting comes in handy there, which is a very selfless job.

People, in general, need other people. There are many ways to promote selflessness, for example, those who volunteer in hospitals clearly take a selfless route in life. Hospital volunteering is a situation where one person needs help, and the other wants to help. Another example of being selfless is when people raise money for a good cause, it takes time, thought, and supplies; but some people just like to help, which is being selfless. Selflessness is a huge part of making a community strong, without it people would be rude and self-centered.

Helping others is said to be what makes a person selfless. However, some would argue that being selfless means putting what you want to the back of your mind, and working towards helping someone else with their desires. In contrast, helping someone, although it may be a desire of your own, is still not a selfish act.

Another way to look at selflessness is to look at all the benefits to just one person. First off, we must see that we feel like others are benefiting more than us, when this is actually not the case all of the time. If people group together to be selfless, it may benefit our health all together. There are many ways to look at this; one may be taking care of a sick person, and that is making the sick person better. With group actions people might be happier, and after all, isn’t a happier person usually a healthier person?

Furthermore, selflessness is like a building block for our community. It may bring us together, or if we lose selflessness, tear us apart. Selflessness is not just about one person, it is about every person and a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Ensure that there are communities filled with selflessness. Promote this by promoting things like volunteering or fund-raising. Join groups of people that do selfless acts for others. Benefit from benefitting others.


In order to carry out selflessness, promote empathy, live for family and friendship, be passionate through being loyal, and be a leader, have leadershipbecause this is something that a selfless person lives by.

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