Selling Trucks

Richard Pemberton
March 24, 2008

The truck selling business is a very interesting and very competitive cut-throat business. Buying a truck/car is the second biggest investment a family will make besides a house. So that being said, you can’t really talk someone into buying something that costs 40,000 dollars. It’s not like candy or magazines where you can sort of bamboozle people into buying them. The funny thing is though; your managers want you to try to talk people into buying trucks. They don’t really care about the people buying the truck they just care that you make the sale and do it in the exact way that they teach you.

The truck business is very interesting and competitive because there are a lot of different truck dealerships out there and you have to try to persuade the party interested into believing that the trucks you are selling, are the best. Whether or not you agree that the truck you are selling is the best or not, you have to make the customer believe that it is. Because if you don’t you won’t be making any money. Also, you don’t only compete with other dealerships; you compete with other truck salesmen and your quotas to meet. If you don’t meet the quotas, then the dealership you work for will fire you after 3 months. The truck selling business is in the top five jobs nationally for rate of turnover. So, pretty much, to the managers, you are a dime a dozen. So, you need to work hard and stay focused on selling trucks every day so you don’t lose your job.

Managers seem to think that if someone comes to the dealership, and you have a chance to talk to them, then you should be able to sell them a truck. No matter what you tell that manager about the person was just looking, they don’t believe you. They will just get mad and tell you that you need to sell them a truck. Selling trucks is really cut-throat because your pay is completely based on commission. So if you want to make a decent living then you need to sell a lot of trucks, especially because your commissions per truck are not very high. So, the more you sell the more money you will make. Also, that is why you have to always be alert and ready to sell a truck when a customer comes, because if you are not alert one of the other salesmen will take the "up." An "up" is what the truck business calls a customer that comes onto the lot, and any customer is any salesmen's chance to go sell a truck.

One of the hardest things to learn is going through the exact process of selling a truck that you are taught in training. First thing you are supposed to do is introduce yourself and shake the customers hand firmly. Next you ask them their name and ask if they have ever been to your dealership before. This is important because if this customer has ever been here before and worked with another salesmen, then automatically you have to go inside and get that salesman and you are not allowed to talk to that customer again. After that, you then ask them what they are looking for and if you could help them out in anyway, if they say yes, you take them to the truck they are interested in and try to get them to test drive it. That is the main thing your managers want from you, is to get the customer in the vehicle and get them on a test drive, but if they say no then you go get a manager as soon as possible and have them talk to the customer to see if they can help the situation in anyway.

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