Sharing is giving up something for someone else. Sharing enhances friendliness (#) among one another when one shares. It shows a passion of care (#) and generosity (#) for another. People share among family (#) and friends (#) and sometimes with strangers who are in need. Usually when you share something with someone you get something in exchange later on in the future.

Everybody shares something sometime in their life. Sharing can be giving up time to help someone, giving someone an item of value, or give something beneficial at that time or place. Sharing is taught to people at an early age when they are old enough to understand difference of right and wrong. When people stop sharing they become selfish. Sharing is not mandatory to do in our society, but it is seen as not caring about others and being self centered.

There are a lot of ways to share with others. You can share your time, your respect, or something you own. Sharing is giving something of yours to another. You can share something with one person or many. Usually there is something in return when you share with someone or a group of people. Sharing can benefit you and can benefit others.

Sharing your time can mean that you give up an activity in your day to help someone. It could mean that you skip watching your favorite T.V. show to help a friend move a couch or anything your friend needs help with. In this case you did not benefit except having the good feeling of helping your friend. Your friend got his couch moved and in graditude will help you with something someday. You do not share your time to get something in return; you share because you’re helping someone and it’s a kind gesture. The advantage to sharing is that the person you help will feel honored to return the favor. This kind of sharing is usually between family and friends.

When you share your respect it could mean tolerating others that you don’t agree with. For example if you do not agree with someone’s religion you respect their belief and leave them be. You don’t need to tell them that they are wrong. In this case you are not getting anything out of sharing your respect and the other person is getting to practice their religion freely without you bothering them. This kind of sharing would be showing your respect for others.

Sharing something you own is what most people think of what sharing is. Sharing something you own can range from money, food, a toy, and there are many other examples. Sometimes you get the item back and other times you don’t. When you share money it would be considered borrowing and later on when that person gets more money they will pay you back. When you share a snack with someone it can be breaking a cookie in half and giving someone the other half. You do not intend to get the other half of the cookie back you do this as a kind gesture. This is the kind of sharing we learn as kids.

I asked a random person in the mall what they thought sharing was. The guy said, “Sharing to me is giving up something for another person so they can better themselves.”

I also asked this guy why people share. He replied, “People share because as kids we were taught that it was the right thing to do.”

The Value of sharing helps people from being selfish and self centered. It helps people care for others and can make life more enjoyable for everyone. Sharing is giving up something at the moment, and in the future one will better them self.
People need to value sharing because it brings people closer together. It shows good friendship to your friends as well as your family, and that you care for them. Sharing is a way to make our society grow.

How to Share:

  1. Lend someone something of their value (they might need it more then you).
  2. Help someone with a job or task (they wouldn’t be able to do it with out your help).
  3. Give people advice about a particular topic (your sharing your knowledge).
  4. When playing with a toy or a game allow someone to play with you (you’re sharing your fun).

When a person learns to share they learn the value of balance (#) and wealth (#). You know what you can and cannot share without hurting yourself. Sharing is a value that is required in marriage (#) when someone marries another they are saying what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. Sharing is a type of learning. We would not be able to learn without people sharing their knowledge(#) or education.

Random guy in the mall

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