Origionally Posted Spring 2008
Revised Fall 2008
Area of Life
Millions of people go shopping everyday. Some people shop for neccessities such as food and clothing, while others shop for items that aren't essential for living such as make-up or DVDs. There are many different places to go shopping. There are malls, grocery stores, super centers, boutiques, specialty stores, and many others. Shopping can be used as an errand or as a social event. A person can shop alone or with friends or family. Although many believe that shopping is going to a store, picking something out, and paying for it with cash, credit card, or check, shopping can actually be done without purchasing anything at all. Many people go to stores to "window shop" or just browse around the store with no intention of buying anything at all. People can also shop for themselves or others. Parents can shop for their children and friends or family members may shop for eachothers' birthdays or holidays.

Juridic Controls on Shopping
There are many juridic controls for shopping. First, in order to enter a store, one has to be properly dressed and can follow the law of No shirt, No shoes, No service. There is no tolerance for shoplifters and many stores have video surveillance to prevent this from happening. Public safety laws also regard shopping and they are: no smoking in public places, no animals allowed, and no bringing sharp weapons, drugs or alcohol into the mall. If one brings children with them to a store, the children need to be supervised by the parent or adult; they cannot run loose in the clothes racks or up and down isles at the grocery store. Shoppers must also pay for items taken from the store or kiask. Not paying for items at a shopping place is called "shop lifting" and could relate in a fine, being banned from the shopping place, and being arrested. Lastly, shopping can only be done at the stores’ designated hours.

One may get a fine from a law enforcement officer if these juridic controls are not abided by or even prosecuted. In some cases. one may be arrested as suggested in the previous paragraph. Theses laws can be found on the internet at ethics rule in the Montana Code Annotate in Title 45 chapter 8. There may also be signs around the shopping area stating the rules and regulations.

Measure of Burdensomeness of the Load
Shoppers typically do not think of the juridic load while shopping because most of us have grown up with the juridic controls. For example, in schools one was not permitted to bring weapons or alcohol onto school grounds or bring their pet animals with them to class; lastly, all students had to abide by the school’s dress code. When the juridic load is enforced the shopping place is a fun and relaxing place to be.

Ways to Escape Control
To avoid the juridic controls on shopping, one can do their shopping online. This will eliminate the long lines at the checkout stand and crowds, and it conveniently fits into one’s schedule. When shopping is done online there is no dress code to follow, no laws that prevent the person from smoking in their own home, and can even have their pet with them. Another idea to avoid the juridic controls is shopping at garage sales, many sales offer a diverse selection of clothes to kitchen appliances to tools. In the case of grocery shopping, one could grow food in a garden, or have a family member shop for them, such as a child as part of his or her daily chores.

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