Small Is Beautiful

Small is beautiful is a value that is built on appreciation for the smaller details in our lives. It also brings about balance and diversity. By enjoying all aspects in our lives, we can bring about fulfillment in our lives. It may also be similar to simplicity by understanding the smaller things.

In our society and environment, beauty is everywhere. However, many seem to miss the finer details as they disappear in the big picture of it all.

In our speedy society today, many people no longer take the time to smell the flowers. In other words, we often miss the finer details in life. We are all in such a hurry to see the big picture. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing, we no longer notice the strokes that made that depiction. For example, a single flower in a garden may not seem to make much of a difference, but take it out. Then what happens? How about a newborn baby? It is so small, but look at its small fingers and toes. They are perfect. In the rush of things, we do not always notice these simple, but significant things in our lives.

Numerous events that take place in our lives seem to revolve around the theme of bigger is better. Whether it is a wedding, or the new house, there are other events that should be based on the smaller things in our lives. Sometimes we seem to lose priority of what is important. For example, what if instead of mass-producing, we concentrated on the quality of the product instead of the quantity. In addition, if in schools the teachers worked on having the students fully understand the information, instead of trying to read so many chapters in a certain amount of time.
There are other ways to look at it too. As a society, we seem to think that cities should be big. However, what is wrong with having a community where everyone knows each other. For some people, it is a better place for children to grow up. Would it not be great if people could take the time to notice and enjoy the simple things in life that bring us all joy? Such as watching the sunset, or catching fireflies.

Therefore, by bringing about ways, that society can enjoy the value small is beautiful, we can bring about a positive change in the way we view things.

By bringing back small is beautiful to our society, we also instill local life and local pride in our communities.

Revised Fall 20081

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