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People value speed in the sense that they want to get what they need faster. With a faster and more efficient society there is more peacefulness (#75) and less struggle (#103). This value brings a sort of satisfaction to people, and provides them with a new determination to do more with the time they are provided. But some move too fast in things like marriage (#66). A prerequisite of speed that should be followed but is often overlooked is responsibility (#90).

In general people tend to want to move faster and accomplish things with greater speed. People also tend to want things in life to be available to them in a shorter amount of time. However this increase in speed can put other aspects and values in you life and the lives of those around you at risk.

There are people all over the world that are looking to do things faster. Most people have a great appreciation in having been provided a speedy lifestyle. Things are being modified to become more efficient or user friendly. In addition, they are discovering new technology that people can choose to use that will enable them to have shorter lines and other things of that nature.
Such advancements in technology include the use of debit and credit cards. People no longer have to dig through their purse of wallet to find the cash they need at the checkout line. They can simply swipe their card while their item is being rung up, sign and they are good to go. People are also now presented with the option of having their checks deposited directly into their bank account. This means that they no longer have to go to the bank and deposit their checks from their workplace. The banking system has also become very advanced. People no longer have to drive to a bank to make payments or withdraws. They can process transactions online, and get money from any ATM across the country.
People also want to get to destinations faster. I would guess that the majority of the people who are driving on a road at any given time are exceeding the speed limit for that road or highway. People are willing to buy plane costing hundreds of dollars rather than driving simply so they can get to their destination faster.

In order for peoples value of speed to continue to grow our value of competition(#) and our desire for happiness(#) will also need to grow. Inversely our value of patience(#) would cause the value of speed to grow as it became less important in our lives. This general statement about our value for speed can be applied in almost any situation to almost anyone.
In order to safely encorporate speed in our lives we must take care(#) when acting hastily. Apply common sense(#) when in a leadership(#) position. And utilize our strength(#) to coordinate such speedy actions.

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