Women’s suffrage represented the hardships in which they would have to endure in order to be a respected (#), equal (#) member of their community (#). This movement took the bravery (#) and courage (#) of women who’s only wish was to become hard working (#) participants (#) in society.

People in society tend to underestimate how much of the world is struggling which has become a large issue in determining what we really value in our daily life. Struggle should be embraced and recognized as a contributor to the world’s progress.

It is pretty ironic how the United States is the richest country in the world, yet several millions of people in the United States are stricken with poverty. As Americans we often discard those that are continuously struggling because as individuals are selfish and are only consumed in our own well-being. Today no one seems content with their current status, but only wants more and more. More power, higher status, more wealth which consequently means that the rich will continue to get richer; making the poor poorer. This is a destructive way of life and will only result in catastrophe. People need to experience struggle so that they can appreciate their earnings and strive to be better off. Many people do not really ever experience life altering struggles, because they are born into a family that would be considered middle class. These people have no respect for those who are less fortunate simply because they themselves have never had to overcome or even experience such hardships. We as a society struggle to work together and unite to create a more understanding bond between each other. In many cases when struggle is absent there is no prosperity. If an athlete did not fight through physical and emotional pain they would not achieve their goal in which only more struggles will exist.

Support systems are essential when trying to overcome life’s obstacles. Family is a direct bond in which people are automatically drawn together and help eachother. People create friendships with others who share similar interests with, producing an emotional connection with. We need a social structure so that help is available whenever one is exposed to adversity.

Struggle is the act of progressing with difficulty. It has an definite end whether it is with a positive or negative result. Say a person is addicted to drugs and is going down hill with their life. They are dependent on a drug, they start to go broke to support their habit and then all their social supports start to deteriorate giving them hopelessness and leading them into a lonely destructive path. If they are motivated to quit drug use and overcome their addiction the benefits make the effort worth the while because of the positive outcome of their accomplishment. Struggle makes us stronger. When we successfully deal with an obstacle, we begin to build momentum. With continuous momentum, obstacles that once appeared huge become just the next thing to get out of our way. “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.” (Oprah Winfrey).

Struggle is forgotten when people experience celebration, joy, beauty, and wealth. When someone is content in their current stage or status, they tend to dismiss the existence of struggle. Struggle is when someone is essentially fulfilled. Without toil, no one would ever have the strength to overcome. No one would know the better outcome or result if they did not fight through the struggle and see the benefits of their persistence. No one would ever earn anything because it would not have been fought for. The sense of accomplishment would not possess the same meaning if struggle was a factor in its perseverance. We need to rejoice in our sufferings because suffering produces perseverance, character and hope.

Society needs to embrace struggle in order to recognize the benefits that result in its defeat. Struggle is an ironic occurrence where one temporarily experiences obstacles that prevent them from reaching their desired goal, but when struggle is overcome there is a feeling of accomplishment which creates joy and fulfillment.


By having community involvement there is a level of understanding (#) in which everyone participates (#) for a greater good. By organizing charities (#) in the community people are able to unite (#) as one and truly fulfill their duty (#) as a citizen of the United States. Working together to benefit the well-being (#) of less fortunate is a selfless act in which cooperation (#) occurs. The simple act of protecting each other spreads joyfulness (#) and happiness (#) and temporarily defeats the existence of struggle.

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