Temperance - Revised Fall 2008

Temperate temperance is best. Intemperate temperance injures the cause of temperance, while temperate temperance helps it in its fight against intemperate intemperance.
-Mark Twain


Temperate behaviors engulf the idea that small is beautiful. These behaviors also require a great deal of obedience and discipline and a sense of responsibility. These behaviors involve pleasurepleasure but only in the least sense of the word.

Society puts too much emphasis on drinking and personal pleasures alike. People always want more. They tend to concentrate on self-indulgence rather than self-restraint.

Montana’s drunk driving and alcohol related fatality rates have been relatively high in recent years. People choose to have too many drinks and then drive home after their night of binge drinking is done. When these drivers are on the road and behind that wheel they are not only a danger to themselves but also to others on the road. Perception and reaction time are a few factors involved with driving that are affected by the use of alcohol. These people react to sudden changes rather slowly so in case of something appearing on the road it would be likely that they would hit it or if they managed to swerve could possibly swerve into oncoming traffic.
There are places that allow younger people to have fun and enjoy themselves without the pressures of drinking or having too much to drink. These places struggle though because they are only open for certain hours and with society’s emphasis on social drinking these places tend to only be used by those not old enough to go the bares and drink.
Along with drinking, another form of pleasure, one that is mostly one of instant gratification is spending too much money. On average, more and more Americans own credit cards. Instead of exercising self-restraint and deciding that they do not need and item, there rather charge it to the credit card. People continue to think bigger is better and that they always need more. Sometimes people can not always pay what they have borrowed back. This results in higher rates of debt in America and a sense that self-indulgence is a great thing regardless of the consequences later.

Ensure that people know the positive but more importantly the negative consequences of over indulgence of drinking and other personal pleasures. Also observe safer, less destructive and more responsible alternatives to achieve contentment.


In order to achieve and portray temperate behaviors, concentrate on the importance of responsibility (#). Teach discipline (#) in the education of young people but also stress the importance of occasional indulgence of pleasure (#).

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