The Golden Rule


The Golden Rule is often regarded as the most concise and general principle of ethics. This is a concept we are taught, usually during childhood, by family, friends, and nearly everybody around us. Though it is a simple practice, many people still do not incorporate it into their everyday lives. But why?


The golden rule is endorsed by all the great world religions; Jesus, Hillel, and Confucius used it to summarize his ethical teachings. For many centuries the idea has been influential among people of very diverse cultures. The golden rule finds its roots in a wide range of world cultures and has roots from every major religion. It seems to be the standard to which people of different cultures could appeal in resolving conflicts. The reason to propose this value is because the world is becoming more and more a single interacting global community, the need for such a common standard is becoming more imminent than ever.

Gandhi famously told us to be the change we want to see in the world. We often loose site of the Golden Rule because of impatience. When we think of the golden rule we mainly think of the guy that we flipped off this morning on the way to school because he wasn’t driving as fast as I wanted him to.

The golden rule incorporates empathy, compassion, and what we believe to be most important in this focal point in traffic, patience. People today have little motivation to go out of their way. Our busy lives demand us to forget about the people around us. As a result, in traffic we don’t see things running as smoothly in society as let’s say, the horseback days.

Again, there are few times that we as selfish as when we are driving. Could it be the isolation of the automobile? We certainly don’t act this way when waiting in line at the store. So could the invention of the automobile be the cause of the golden rule fading in today’s modern society? Could driving an automobile be influencing the way we carry out other activiities in our day, could it be changing our character?


Once upon at time everyone learned the Golden Rule at school. Now our children learn survival of the fittest, prettiest, and richest. Children who have no experience or guidance in morals are selfish and thoughtless to the harm their actions cause others.

The adults, (teachers) who once had dreams of molding the future, are overwhelmed. Many teachers are either over or under paid, and discouraged by the lack of support they receive from the children's parents. There was once a time, where any child would have been corrected by an adult who was around, but those times have changed. This is where our group proposal comes in.

We think that if the Golden Rule is taught in schools around Billings as well as certain city parks in the form of puppet show theatres, it would leave an impression on the children that will possibly allow them to grasp and act this rule when they need to. We mainly see the Golden Rule in traffic situations, but if we teach it in a variety of forms it should show that it can be used in many aspects of life. If you teach a child early and are consistent with your expectations, they will grow to see the value of this simple rule.

We would contact local elementary schools in the Billings area and target students in grades K-3. We would bring all our materials and set up while the kids are at recess, or if time permits, we would be able to actually build our sack puppets with the kids allowing them to each build their own puppet. We would demonstrate the puppet show and ask a few students if they would like to participate.Finally, we would ask ask the students what they have learned from this simple, yet beneficial exercise that demonstrates the golden rule in a variety of situations. The children would be able to take their puppet home with them to show/tell their parents what they have learned.

The local park performances would be performed in the summer months and held once a month to keep audience levels up. We would market with posters and flyers in areas around town that children and parents will most likely see. The format will go same as the classroom setting and will be free to viewers. There will be no cost because there will be very little expenses in putting on the show’s.

The Juridics that we would deal with are basically being able to get a part permit on the days we would like (preferably weekends), and recieving permission from local teachers that support our cause.

Some values that would be increased in the process would be compassion, friendliness, the golden rule, goodness, happiness, humor, knowledge, laughter, and patience.

Main Points when educating:

• Children learn from those around them, for better or worse!
• Very young children are extremely teachable.
• Be consistent; use repetition and empathy when correcting.
• Name the offending behavior, then give an alternative.
• Teach forgiveness by being forgiving. “I’m sorry” goes a long way.


City Park Permit: $50 per site
Gas,Set,Prop Materials $15-$30/month
Advertising Materials: $50/month

The city park permit is would allow us to reserve a space at any local city park for showings. It is important to note that the majority of the showings will be at elementary schools around Billings. Gas, set, and prop materials will provide money for transportation to and from local schools and allow money for a stage and different puppet characters.


The Golden Rule is something to try and live your life by, and very simple at that. It teaches good interaction with the people that surround you, like in traffic. If every person applied this rule to their life by helping their neighbors, treating others with kindness, and helping strangers in need, the world would be a beautiful place. By targeting the children of our community we will hopefully make an impact on how kids look at this wonderful rule.


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