Revised: in Spring 2008 by Lowman

Being truthful can be rewarding and yet hurtful to others. In our society being truthful or true to oneself has been declining with our fast paced lives. Truth is conformity to knowledge (#), fact, actuality, or logic. Truth is the honesty (#) in people and peacefulness (#) that it brings to you.
People like to find the truth about the things in their lives. They need to believe things are true and that people tell the truth. Even though many people think they are truthful they have, in actuality, become untruthful to themselves and others, they lead their lives with lies that they view as truths.

People want to know the truth, but because it might be hurtful, some tend to hide it from themselves and those around them. When so much is based on lies a false reality is created, for both those that perpetuate the lies, and those that are merely exposed to them. The truth awakens people to the real world in which they live, all the good, and all the bad, it allows people to interact with each other with no barrier standing in the way.

Friendship and love is something most people want in their lives. If truthfulness is at the foundation of these relationships the more rewarding they will be for all involved. Even in the relationship we have with ourselves truth is a vital part. We cannot know who we really are unless we are open to the truth of ourselves, that which we value, and that which we ignore or are afraid to look at.

The matter of truth also exists outside of personal relationships, such as the business world. Whether looking at a customer to business relationship, or a business to business relationship, truth is an integral part of how they function. For the betterment of all involved honesty and truthfulness should be employed in these curcumstances. With the rise of competitiveness in the business world the truth is often lost, within ourselves, and amongst ourselves. Though dishonesty might be the quickest way to success, it is not a necessity.

When truthfulness is at the base of our lives people function more honestly with each other. Sometimes the truth can be hard to look at, or to hear, but when it is embraced, the reality that surrounds us is more clearly seen.
Embrace the goodness of being truthful. It opens up a new way to living life. If you are truthful to yourself and one another in all areas of life, friendships, love, business, ect., then no longer will the burden of deception and false realities weigh on you.

The truth shall set you free! If people are truthful there is no need to be wary of the situations in front of them. The truth will break down the barrier that hinders peoples ability to honestly interact with others. This will serve to help each individual and the world at large.

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