The value of Understanding relates to the power of comprehension and the ability to form a mutual agreement between two different sides. Also, being able to apply concepts and divisions into everyday situations. Understanding deals with many other values. To obtain understanding you must have wisdom, cooperation, and much compassion.

Understanding is a value that is expressed daily. Being able to understand allows you to expand your knowledge and perceptual lens in life. It helps you grow as a person. Without understanding can cause many unnecessary conflicts.

Understanding is interpreted through life experiences, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and many other factors pertaining to life. When being understood, someone is able to agree with you, though they may have mixed feelings about what is being understood, the two parties are coming to agreement and have worked out a compromise. In other cases, there may not be a compromise, but in order to not cause heartache or further dilemma, one side may give in due to pressure or other struggles. A lack of understanding can cause major problems and conflicts. We have many examples today and throughout history pertaining to a lack of understanding. War is a prime example of what can derive from clashing cultures not seeing eye to eye.

Understanding is a necessity that has been in the world since it was created and will always be something that people will need to uphold to maintain a civil environment. For example, man was born with sin, and without God’s understanding and willingness to forgive, people would never have the chance to repent and ask for forgiveness. In today’s society, understanding has become less and less important, because of individualism and the self-centered people with high-class jobs. But one thing that really caught my attention was just recently the baseball world series. Game 5 had been canceled due to weather and in the rules of baseball, if a team is winning after 5 1/3 innings the game is called, and the team that is up wins. Bud Selig, the MLB’s president, decided that a world series game shall not end in that sort of fashion and that the game shall be postponed. He had an understanding of what was right and to have the game be finished another day would benefit both the fans and the teams.

The value of understanding is going to be a huge necessity within the next few days as the presidential elections creep up on us. Not only will the next president of the United States have a major impact on all of our lives here in Montana, but every single person in this country. Having a good understanding of what each candidate stands for in every situation is crucial. It is important to have knowledge about their beliefs for it will effect all of our futures.

Understanding would be beneficial in times of conflicting interests. It would decrease the amount of feuds, fights, both verbally and physically, and would allow people to come together and accomplish a similar goal.

Ways to become more understanding in areas of conflicting interests are:

CLEAR YOUR MIND of any preconceived judgments.
LISTEN to all other opinions in the matter.
PICTURE YOURSELF in the other person's situation.
VOICE YOUR OPINION in a calm and non argumentative tone.
FIND a common goal.
COMPROMISE a way to accomplish the goal.


More important values that are associated with understanding are wisdom and knowledge. Not everything about understanding has to do with conflicts or disputes, but also relates to school and work. If you are wise and knowledgeable in the field you are going into or the job that you are trying to get, the possibility of you achieving your goal is within reach. Having both wisdom and knowledge may broaden your perceptual lens. It will therefore help you maintain a better understanding of all possible views.

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