Values Recovery Proposals

Students have studied several ethical procedures for inventing ethical practice. The course organizer has gradually led students to conceive of ethical action as something quite different than theory battle, issues debate, or moralizing. Nor has it been the flacid approach of learning the history of ethical theory or ethical debates. Instead, the goal has been to imagine (Anthony Weston and The Trapese Collective) ways of life and processes that lead to ethical expertise (Francisco Varela) and to self-determining individual existence and community life. To that end, the semesters are ending with proposals about how to recover or remember values that have too long been neglected in our places.

Students worked in groups throughout the semesters, partly in order to work out what a learning community might be, and they arrived at these. Each proposal, especially beginning with the lfall 2008 ones, constitutes a drastic though gradual improvement in group cooperation, common vision, and the courage of imagination.

Take them; enact them.

How to Post Your Proposal

Spring 2008 Proposals
Do as you like
Community Spirit
Frugality Proposal

Fall 2008 Proposals
The Golden Rule
Love of Animals Proposal
Privacy Proposal
Self Esteem
Nature Close By
Diversity Proposal

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