Originally posted Spring 2008

Veganism has long been a formal way of showing a person’s compassion, (#) their standpoint on enviornmental awareness,(#) and their pride in living a healthy lifestyle(#).

Veganism is a bold statement for people to make on their opinions and traditions. People who choose to be vegan are opposed to the animal slaughtering and environmental effects of this action. Not to mention the health bonus for being vegan well surpass a lifestyle of eating animal products. To be vegan a person gives up eating and opposes using any animal products at all.

A group from England in 1944 wanted to create a group that stood as non-dairy vegetarian. They tried to pass a proposal for their group and when it failed they created their own organization titled Vegans. Vegan is a word derived from the origins of vegetarian by taking the first three letters and the last two and putting them together. When people choose veganism, they make an ethical commitment to bettering themselves and the world around them.

“I did a little math and saw that if I ate the standard American diet, I’d go through 2,000 chickens, seven cattle, and twelve pigs in my lifetime. Each of these animals would likely be raised in confined and inhumane conditions on factory farms and eventually be stunned, cut, and then bleed to death.”1 If a person was to eat one egg just every other day for 70 years, it would require that 30 chickens be slaughtered. Animals are kept in small confined areas where they are given steroids and enhancers that increase the rate at which the animals grow. The problem with this is that the animals grow too fast and the result is grueling. The animals are unable to support their bodies and lay with no strength to move. The mass murdering of the animals is the shocking part. It would be much too expensive to euthanize all the animals, thus the animals get shot, beaten with a bar, and their throats slit all occurring while the animal is conscious. Never do the animals get to live their full life span. Not to mention most of the animals rarely see the outside world. They spend the entirety of their life cramped in a small area with dozens of other animals, or in reference to cattle, they get chained up with a leash which stunts the full range of motion of their head. Great compassion is present in people who choose not to eat meat and use animal products. Compassion is an act of deep empathy for a person or being struck by misfortune and having the sympathy to help alleviate the pain. To eat meat or dairy is a choice lacking compassion.

Some of the most influential thought-provoking individuals were vegans, including Leonardo Da Vinci and Mahatma Gandhi. “The #1 benefit I experienced was a marked improvement in my mental clarity.” 2 Vegans have claimed to have extra amounts of energy, more mental clarity, and overall intuitive gains. Personal health is valued highly to most people. Vegans are extremely healthy people, with an ample amount of nutritious food available; they can live a productive healthy life without taking the life of an innocent animal.

Animal production and slaughtering is said to use over half of the United States water supply. The amount of fossil fuels used to make one hamburger can drive a small car 20 miles. 3 Billions of hamburgers are made every year and the number is steadily growing. The environment is being vastly affected by the production of meats. Many forests are being torn apart and deforested for cheap cattle grazing areas. If a person chooses to become a vegan they will be saving one acre of forest every year. 3

"Of what use are all your sacrifices to Me? I have had enough of the roasted carcasses of rams and of the fat of fattened beasts. I take no pleasure in the blood of calves, lambs and goats. When you spread out your hands, I close My eyes to you; despite however much you pray, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood! Wash yourselves clean! Put away your misdeeds from before My eyes and stop doing evil." Isaiah 1:11, 1:15-16


Veganism can change the world globally. The environmental questions of how to save the world from global warming can be answered by veganism. Become a healthy, mentally clear, environmentally friendly person. Choose to save the lives of many by making a choice to end the production of animals for food.


Overall unity (#) between countries can save the innocent lives of many farm animals and sea creatures. A person’s love-of-animals (#) can make a huge impact on many aspects of the world. Humility (#) to the animal race needs to be re-established and being the human race that created such a disaster we need form a commitment(#) to save our world from destruction.






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