Posted Fall 2008


The exertion of force as to injure or abuse, on either a large or small scale. More and frequently exhibited in today's society for entertainment. Violence is often displayed in the form of war which can potentially cause or have been caused by anger. Often the act of violence is engaged in to obtain independence from another individual or entity.


When societies neglect violence often individuals or groups loose their ability to obtain equal rights. Also when anger is allowed to build up within individuals or societies often the resulting violence is much greater and destructive than if the violence had been allowed to flow freely. In some modern societies violence is used as a form of entertainment if this form of violence is stifled individuals resulting attitudes may become more hostile towards fellow citizens.

Without violence many peoples rights would not be fought for. Without an occasional display of well organized overbearing speed, strength, and power usually in the form of war some individuals believe that they hold more power than those in charge and attempt to further themselves through unimaginable acts of violence against innocent civilians. In general society perceives violence to only be a negative action. However some forms of many forms of violence are very helpful in keep society in check. Also some displays of violence in modern society are purely skill based forms of entertainment in the the form of sporting events such as, boxing, mixed martial arts, etc…Our societies main use of violence is to claim or re-claim rights or properties that have been taken or not yet been granted in an effort to obtain peace or independence.

In order for violence to remain present in society and for that violence to be productive and good in some way society must, continue to fight for the rights of humans, animals, environments, etc…, act against those who attempt to overthrow peaceful societies, carefully continue our pursuit of the enjoyment of violent sporting events, and attempt to responsibly allocate the use of our force for the greater good in every day activities.



Violence will continue as long as, peoples ethical views as well as well as their values continue to differ, anger ingnites conflict between two or more individuals or groups, disputes between cultural groups and or nations result in wars, and modern societies pursue violent forms of sporting and entertainment in which two or more opponents strugle to overpower one another in various ways.


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