War is gruesome. Yet, at the same time beautiful. Even some of the ancient warriors, such as the Spartans, hoped that in war they would fight an emeny who could grant them a beautiful death. War is terrifying, yet fearless. Extreme excitement and extreme boredom all occur during war. Many people may not consider war to be anything close to a value. Many people consider war to be the opposite of a value. Some say, war is the worse trait man can create. After all, war produces death, when people strive for life. War produces sadness, when people desire happiness. War causes pain and suffering when people want comfort. However, is it not true that war is a “necessary evil?” Who will stand up for the week when the powerful seek to destroy? Who will stand up against those who seek to destroy the free? How could nations survive without the men who stand to protect them? War provides and preserves all other virtues such as glory, honor, integrity, freedom, courage, prosperity, comfort, happiness, peace, love, and all other virtues have been provided because of war.

War although ugly is the most beautiful of all virtues.

Extreme opposites are parallel in war. They create a sick yet wholesome balance. There is something mesmerizing about war. Something captivating and intriguing that draws one towards conflict with others. On the streets war is present. With in our families war is present. Between our churches war is present. Perhaps war is our world. Perhaps war is all man knows. Internal war is also present. After all does not the ugly girl despise the beautiful girl? Does not the atheist despise the idea of God?

Does the peace nick hate the veteran? Vietnam is a perfect example of the peaceful hippies throwing fesses and pissing on the soldiers returning home. Spitting on the veterans and calling them rapists and baby killers. Perhaps the returning men should have been heroes and men held above honor just like previous conflicts. Instead they were cast away and tossed aside like used menstrual pads. Never in recorded-documented history have protectors of a nation-state been so brutalized by their own nation. And why, because these men were sent away, drafted into a conflict that America maybe should not have been a part of in the first place. These men were sent by the government. Maybe Vietnam was the mistake of governmental ties to a long time ally. The whole truth will never be decided. Not everyone will agree. One thing is for sure:


“Why is war necessary?” one may ask. “Who will protect us from evil?” another may answer. “Why is there evil?” one may ask. “We may never know.” The other may answer.

It would be nice if everyone was nice. It would be good if everyone was good. Sure, every human being is good to an extent. However, is the argument just as strong for everyone possessing some evil? Reader, ask yourself: “Has every thought I held been good?” Have you been angry reader? Is anger good? Have you desired something from a neighbor? Have you wanted a friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend? Secretly, in your mind, is all good? Only you can answer such a question reader. Reader, ask yourself: “Have I ever done bad?” Reader, Have you stolen? Is stealing good? Have you lied? Is lying good? Is evil bad? Or is evil good? Is bad evil? You see reader there are endless questions to endless possibilities yet one thing is for sure: Evil does exist. Evil will continue to exist. It surrounds man. It lives in man. And until evil ends, war will forever be present to end evil. Yes, I agree that lying and stealing do not produce war. However, anger, greed, and ideals produce it.

Let us continue on the subject of war and why it is a necessary value.

Let me argue that it is the veteran above all men who desires peace. Peace is what man needs above all else. Peace to live freely and openly without worry and sorrow. Peace with a connection to the earth, to the people, to the universe around us. Peace between fellow man… peace, peace, peace. May man or God give us peace so there will be no more war. But man will fight and God is an idea. The Crusades were fought in the name of God. Allah for the Musliums and Jesus Christ for the Chirstans. Even today there are holy wars being fought. The extremists in Iraq and throughout the Middle East are fighting their own holy war against the United States and her allies. Until peace reigns and man can live together without evil, war will remain and war will continue to cut lives early in order to provide freedom and peace. Freedom to go to the bar, freedom to vote, freedom of blacks, women, and children has all been strived for through war. Peace to live for ones religion, peace to walk safely at night, peace to talk and discuss ideas openly with out fear of persecution has all been created through war.

So reader as you lay your head down this night, realize that your peace your freedom has been bought by blood and sweat and tears. Men and women have died and been through many sorrows while you sleep soundly. When you debate and argue your beliefs and feelings may you remember and be grateful for the men willing to sacrifice there time, energy, and lives in order for you to be free. May you remember that peace comes from war as opposite as it sounds. Your peace reader, your peace.

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