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A system of wealth is a person’s love (#) and hard-work (#) for the betterment of Personal or Communal well-being (#)


The Western World posses’ beliefs that a person should create personal wealth that will ensure pleasure.

People in the Western World are known for their belief that the pursuit of happiness lies solely on the basis of wealth. Possession of wealth has taken the Western society and created a life of greed, despair, and failing health. The more money a person has, the more they want. American society has to work so hard, that their bodies and minds are taking the wrath of stress that comes along with the pursuit of wealth. Our society is full of greed because people will do anything to obtain wealth, even steal the shirt off their own brother’s back.

Greed is the basis of all wars. The true reason behind greed can be traced back to wealth. For example, the reason that the United States is over in Iraq is because they supposedly control terrorism. But the real reason is oil. For companies in the US, oil leads to wealth. As a result, the war for oil has brought much despair to the family and friends who have lost love ones.

American society has to put more emphasis on relationships, not money, in order to change this problem. Instead of material wealth, a person can be wealthy in knowledge, love, loyalty, friendship, peacefulness, and generosity. A person doesn’t need to have possessions to ensure their happiness and pleasure. For some people the material goods that accumulate over a lifetime show success, but others live their life to help improve society as a whole and are remembered for their good deeds.

Therefore, to ensure that a person lives in wealth, the American Society has to change its mind set from one of greed to one of generous thinking. This thinking needs to be taught in schools and in the family, if the Western world is going to be changed.


In order to create a world of holistic thinking people need to emphasize Charity (#), Compassion (#), Friendliness (#), and Goodness (#), and Peacefulness (#). Teach this thinking in education (#) to young people and also instill a sense of Community (#).

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